Balancing Fatherhood & Business – Video

A friend of mine once asked me, how do I manage being a father and running my own business?

Everyone who knows me well will know that I believe one of my most important rolls in life it to be the best dad I can be for my 3 beautiful girls, however, I also absolutely love the work I get to do helping clients achieve what is most important to them every day.

I learnt a few years ago through some harsh truth that managing the two, business and fatherhood is about two things:
1. Understanding my priorities
2. Making sure my actions reflect my priorities.

No longer could I say that family is important to me and continue to work 50-60 hour weeks building the business and that is why I decided to take Monday’s as our ‘family fun day’ and make sure i’m being really efficient in the time I am at work.

Working 4 days a week may not be the right answer for everyone in balancing business and fatherhood but its important to know your priorities and make sure that your actions reflect them.

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