Three Greatest Assets – Video

You know those times you listen to a speaker and what they say really resonates with you? Well, that happened to me over the weekend when I was listening to Mark Hunter at a conference and what he said was: Our three greatest assets are our TIME, MIND and NETWORK.

I’m a colossal believer in professional and personal development and I’d encourage you to check out this video as to my major takeaways.

Time – Whether for you it is spending time with family, working on your business or travelling like it is for me, or if it is attending the football with 50,000 other screaming spectators. Making sure you spend your time on what is truly important to you is an important asset.

Mind – Developing yourself and your mind is not something that stops at high school or once you finish your university degree. Always be expanding one of your most important assets (your Mind) is really important.

Network – Ensure that you’re building yourself an amazing and supportive community around you in your personal life and career is such an important asset you should continue to invest in.

Ensure that you’re constantly mindful in developing one of these 3 greatest assets.

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