Gender Pay Gap – Video

Based on the latest gender wage gap statistics by the workplace gender equality agency, the average woman will be working for free from now until the end of the year.

With this in mind, I decided to ask my 5-year old daughter a simple question. In one hand I gave her $1 and on the other hand, I gave her 85c and told her that she could only keep one.

Can you guess which she chose to keep?

That’s right she wanted to keep the $1 as she knows full well that even before she has ever spent any of her own money that $1 is better than 85c.

I must admit it was heart-wrenching watching my girls smile fade and her demeanour deflate when I told her that when she grows up and starts to work she will most likely earn 16% less than the boys she goes to school with for one reason, she’s a girl.

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